Secure and humane removal

Florida is home to 13 native species of bats. We'll take care of all bats. The most common bat we deal with is the Brazilian free-tailed bat which is loud and inclined to leave large quantities of droppings and urine. These invasive creatures will roost in attics of homes and businesses and create a disturbance and mess. We effectively remove bats and keep them from re-entering. Each bat will be captured and relocated as it is illegal to kill Florida's native bats.

Bat removal process

  • Step 1: We seal all possible entry points bats could use

  • Step 2: We place our humane bat netting where the bat colony enters and exits the building. The bat netting works as a trap door, allowing the bats to exit but not to re-enter.

  • Step 3: Once the bat netting has had enough time to rid the building of bats, we seal all the active entry points, or all areas where the netting was placed.

Sterilization and cleanup

It is important to take care of the bat roosting area after the bats have evacuated by sterilizing and cleaning properly. When we do an inspection for bats, we will offer a FREE estimate for the sterilization and cleanup process as well.

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