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Raccoons are drawn into your home by trash or food and leave pheromones so that they return with other raccoons to breed. They can nest in attics and leave unpleasant sounds, smell, and interior damage. Our professionals will make sure that the raccoons leave and are not able to return.

Raccoon removal process

  • Step 1: Evict the raccoons with humane traps.

  • Step 2: Exclusion-We seal all entry points with quality construction work to prevent the return of raccoons for breeding.

  • Step 3: Sterilization and cleanup is necessary to make sure smells and diseases are gone. We provide a FREE estimate for this service upon request.

2 years of guarantee*

Our trained professionals will safely and humanely remove your unwanted raccoons and prevent them from entering your home again. Contact us for flexible appointments and to set up a FREE inspection.

Exclusion and prevention

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