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Pigeons travel in flocks and enjoy the comfort of attics to make their roost. This means multiple birds entering and breeding in your building. Depending upon your pigeon situation, we will use the appropriate method or methods involving: spikes, traps, netting and nest removal to evacuate the birds and prevent their return.

Quick pigeon facts

  • Breed throughout year with increased breeding during Spring and Summer

  • Eggs are laid with an incubation period up to 19 days

  • Life span ranges from 4-15 years

  • Primary pest in urban areas

  • Droppings can carry up to 60 contagious diseases

  • Congregate in large flocks, often in older structures

Proven and effective methods

We offer multiple methods of removal to guarantee the pigeons’ exclusion and prevention of return. We repair entry ways in your building with quality construction materials and guarantee our repairs and animal removal.

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